• Black Tea

    Black Tea

    A beverage for real connoisseurs of tea, offering an exceptional group of deep, full aromas and tastes. Often drunk with added milk.

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  • Green tea

    Green tea

    Widely known for its therapeutic characteristics: the healthiest of all teas which, among other benefits, improves circulation.

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  • African Bush Rooibos

    African Bush Rooibos

    An extraordinarily healthy tea with delicious taste and no caffeine. Good for children and in the late afternoon and evening. Very rich in vitamin C.

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  • Fruit mix

    Fruit mix

    Produced from carefully selected pieces of dried fruit. Refreshing teas of many pleasant tastes and aromas.

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  • Healthy Mix

    Healthy Mix

    Produced from well known medicinal herbs. Very useful mixtures recommended for strengthening the immune system and speeding recovery from many diseases.

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  • White Tea

    White Tea

    The most sophisticated of all teas. Produced from specially selected leaves of very young plants white or silver in colour.

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