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Integro Co. LLC was founded in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in the year 2000. The production & sale of instant beverages – Dolcezza Hot Chocolate & Dolcezza Milkshakes – is still the core of our business. Our belief is that the highest quality will always sell best, and the quality of our base ingredients is second to none – of special note is our base cocoa powder, produced in France by the world leader in chocolate manufacture.

Over time we have broadened our focus to include coffee import & distribution – Dolcezza Espresso, and we have launched a new line of tea flavours – Dolcezza Tea, and instant coffee – Dolcezza Coffee Dream. Thanks largely to these last two lines, we can now boast over forty items bearing the Dolcezza brand name. For all these products we offer extensive customer and distributor support which includes
  • the export, selling, renting and servicing of espresso machines, hot chocolate machines, beverage mixers and similar equipment.
  • free product support materials including hot chocolate glasses, milkshake glasses, tea mugs, espresso coffee cups & saucers, packaged sugar, swizzle sticks, t-shirts, aprons etc., all bearing the Dolcezza logo markings.

  • Today Dolcezza is one of the most widely known brands in the HORECA sector both in Serbia and abroad. Our products can now be found in many European countries as well as all countries of the former Yugoslavia. We are fully devoted to the continuing development of new markets, new products, and also product quality.

    Our mission in the years ahead is to have Dolcezza become one of the leading world brands. We plan to meet this goal through conscientious business practices, the introduction of new technologies, and a creative marketing strategy.

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